This form is for submitting writing only. If you are interested in having your visual arts displayed on please contact us here with a short description of your work and we will get back to you. Please note that is not an archive. We try to keep published submissions live for 90 days, after they we take them down to make room for the next person in line. However you are free to join our links page ( on our home page ) if you want to link back to your own personal site. 

There is a lot of information here, but all of it is important. Please read this before deciding to submit your piece to

Also note that we will work with emerging writers. If you submit a strong piece that we like, but it needs a little work, we will make suggestions about possibly improving it. 

1. only accepts works created by people. AI generated material is not allowed, and if discovered we will no longer accept any of your submissions, and you could be barred from using our site. 

2. specializes in prose of 1500 words or less. This includes fiction and creative non-fiction. If your piece needs to be longer we will still consider publishing it. For poetry only three poems at at time please.  We strongly recommend you find out more about us by clicking here before deciding to submit.

3. We print under the guidelines of “first serial rights.” This means that if we publish your piece, we have the right to be the first publisher of your work, but after that all rights return to you. Please note that any subsequent publication of your accepted piece should, as a courtesy to us, mention that it was first seen here.  Also note that if you previously published your work on your own web site or social media then your piece is considered published and we will not be able to use it.

4. We accept simultaneous submissions, but if your piece gets accepted elsewhere before hearing from us please let us know immediately and we will remove it from consideration on our site.

5. Grammar is important. Do the best that you can. You might here back from us with suggestions before we decide to publish. 

6. Yes, we prefer the serial comma. If you are not sure what this is, please look it up.

7. For documents we accept PDF, doc or .docx. Unless previously arranged, all submissions should be sent through our submissions form. Any pieces received in any other way may not be considered for publication.

8. Please use an easy-to-read font. Calibri and Times New Roman are both great. Double space your pages with one-inch margins all around. Include your last name, the name of your piece, and the page number in the header, top right.

9. While we are not specifically opposed to the use of violence, sex, or profanity in a piece we will not publish works that use them gratuitously. Don’t be shocking just for the sake of being shocking.

10. We know what it is like to submit a piece and hear nothing, so we will try to notify you within a couple of business days that we received your work. We will also try to get back to you as soon as we can about accepting or rejecting it. If we do not use your piece, and we have time, we may include some feedback about why it was rejected.

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