What is time? Eons become epochs, while epochs become ages. Eras fly by like pages torn from a calendar. Centuries get tucked neatly of inside it all, and time just comes and goes. Here at Radage.org we are defining a new age, the radical age of now. Can you express it with words? Leave the bricks of time behind and help us celebrate the present. Come and be a part of it all, in one thousand words or less.

Radage.org was created as a safe space where fiction, creative nonfiction, flash fiction, and poetry will define new aesthetics that celebrates our existence and archives our unique journey. We look forward to hearing from you, for you are the most important stars in our galaxy. Now come with us and show the world how brightly you shine.

We are now accepting submissions for our March 2021 edition.

Robert D. Gosselin
Editor, Radage.org

noun: An age where creativity precedes reality.