Welcome to Radage.org

My name is Robert D. Gosselin, and I’m the editor and founder of Radage.org.
I launched this site to introduce myself, as a writer, to the general public.

I’m a practicing writer of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry.
I’m also also a photographer and graphic artist.
You can follow my personal writing blog here at This Writer’s Life.
You can also contact me at:

Radage.org is now becoming an independent publisher of compelling fiction, nonfiction,
memoir, poetry, graphic arts, and all other types of creative self expression.
Send us an example of what you do, and if we like it we will share your work on this site with the world.
We strongly believe that creativity is what makes us human, and with it we can change the world.
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Come and join us, even if you just want to share links.

Please note: Our only publicity is word of mouth,
so please share anything you find captivating on this site with the world.

Radage.org is completely not for profit, collecting no money nor paying any out.
It is a true labor of love.