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What is time? Eons become epochs, while epochs become ages. Centuries get tucked neatly inside it all and years just come and go. Here at we are defining a new age: the radical age of now. Come and join us, in one thousand words or less.

What we like:
Writers both new and experienced.
Writing about the craft of writing.
Writing about our lives as writers.
Writing about current events.
Writing about ourselves, and what that means.

We are now accepting written submissions for our inaugural April 1 edition, and its theme is creativity.
You can submit writing here.

If your work becomes our first accepted piece we will send along this coffee mug to say thank you.

We also believe that images can tell a story. Contact us here if you are a graphic artist and want space in an upcoming gallery.
Briefly describe your work, and we will get back to you about presenting it.

For general guidelines as to what we are looking for in this first edition start here.

Robert D. Gosselin

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