Crawling out from under my rock.

I originally intended to have be a site that showcased the work of all of the other talented people I can convince to contribute to it. But then I realized that I have a significant body of work that I want to share with the world. Most of the poems I’m writing have specific people’s names in them, but I will remove any identifiers before I cast my bread upon the waters. I bet a lot of people think my poems are about them, but most of the time they will be wrong. But I will read, with full attention and seriousness, any messages from folks who (or is it whom) would like to engage in conversation about the content of said poems, and it should be quite interesting to see how my words reach the world. I will still be publishing the work of other people, I just decided to dive in as well. That’s the luxury of paying for a web site (yes, this place is costing me some serious cabbage), you get to shout out from the roof top without having to wrangle with an editor.

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